Tuesday, 5 January 2010


What a horrible weekend. Losing to Leeds is a bitter pill to swallow. I don't understand Old Trafford sometimes – admittedly 95% of the crowd who grace our stadium are numpties; tourists with the latest digital photography gear. But it beggars belief that even for a fixture against one of our biggest rivals, the atmosphere was more akin to a library. But hey, never mind the crowd right? We only sing when we're winning.

Some constructive thoughts...Fergie should retire and the Glazers should let us see some of the 80 million from Ronnie's transfer. Either way, there's more chance of Terry keeping his nose clean and fat fwank not being a fat cunt. Even after the match – the worst was not over. The car journey home included sitting next to a Leeds fan. Needless to say throughout the 200 miles down south he was grinning like Chris Langham in a sweet shop.

Conversations during the car journey included the many sexual conquests we had all undertaken in our young life times. It seemed to make the time pass quicker and lessen the pain from defeat. Needless to say the Leeds fan paraded the story of when his girlfriend gave him a blozza in a Burger King toilet - at least it made a change from a sheep.

Maz who is Arabic and a very good friend of mine was doing the driving – however on reflection I should have taken issue with his approach to balancing the books. Maz wanted £10 petrol money – I succumbed to his demands even though this was blatant extortion, considering there were four of us in the car. £40 one way Manchester – London, I think not...I'll just have to overcharge him now when it's my turn to drive.

The Leeds result will take a while to fog over in the memory. Capello's thoughts that we are not the 'war machine' we once were appear justified. That said it is hard to be too in the doldrums when the flights to Milan have been booked.

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Ziyad said...

Interesting thoughts. The Man Utd players no longer seem hungry for success and willing to fight for the shirt; it's as if the likes of Berbatov, Carrick and dare I say Rooney expect to play every week. Rumours of a division in the camp and a bust up between Fergie and Vidic have hardly helped matters. Tricky tie away in Milan against the likes of Seedorf, Ronaldinho and co